25th Jan 2014

Complex: The Cast and Creators of “Banshee” – Antony Starr Interview

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Lots of interviews out today with Antony and the rest of the Banshee gang. This one is from “Complex”.

Interview: The Cast and Creators of “Banshee” Talk Stunt Injuries, Behemoth Bad Boys, and the Splat Cow Heads Make
By Justin Monrow, 24th January 2014, Complex


How badly have you been beaten up filming Banshee’s fight scenes?
Every time we do a fight scene I get cut and bruised and battered. It’s par for the course. You know if you’re doing fight scenes you’re going to get smashed around a bit. There’s a perverse sense of accomplishment and gratification when you come out and you’ve got battle scars. Inevitably the guys that I’m fighting are 6’3″, 6’4″, 6’5, and 230, 250 pounds. It’s not a good place for a smaller chap like me to put himself, but we all work hard on those scenes and they come out pretty good, pretty rough, and pretty real.

Speaking of the behemoths you play-fight with, what was your reaction when you saw Geno Segers, who plays Lucas Hood’s new adversary Chayton Littlestone?
He’s the biggest we’ve had! [Laughs.] I just looked at everyone and went, “Ugh, Christ. It’s going to be a hard day at work that day.” But it’s good. Those characters will come in, and physically they’re just such a big threat to the characters, so anything that threatening is going to be good for the show. When we lock horns it makes for good drama.

Of all the adversaries that Lucas has had and that’s developing over the course of this season do you have a favorite adversary for him?
There’s one coming up that will lie in wait that I can’t talk about. In the first season it would be the albino and in the second season [so far] I’d say Nola [Longshadow, played by Odette Annable]. It’s interesting seeing Lucas getting his ass handed to him by a woman. A lot of the violence in the show is funny and entertaining. It’s not strictly fight-to-the-death serious. It’s a language of the show that can be light/dark and can go anywhere.


25th Jan 2014

Show Patrol: Antony Starr enjoys his ‘Banshee’ beatdowns

Another great article and interview with Antony about all things Banshee!

Antony Starr enjoys his ‘Banshee’ beatdowns
By Curt Wagner, 24th January 2014, Show Patrol

Antony Starr worries that he’s angered the producers of his Cinemax series “Banshee,” or possibly the universe in general.

“If I’m honest it has crossed my mind that possibly I’ve done wrong to someone, I’ve pissed them off in some way,” the New Zealand native said during a recent phone chat, “because the guys that I’m fighting just seem to get bigger and bigger. And every day I do a fight sequence I come out of it battered and bruised. So, you know, it’s payback for some transgression either in this or a past life.”

As Sheriff Lucas Hood in the action series, Starr squares off against increasingly larger foes, often getting beat to a pulp even if he comes out on top in the end. In the show’s first season, Hood faced down a character known as The Albino in prison. This season’s answer to that bruiser is Chayton Littlestone (Geno Segers), a member of the Kinaho tribe living next to the Amish outside of Banshee, Penn.

“That guy is huge! He is huge,” exec producer Greg Yaitanes told me in a separate interview. “If you are a big human being you have a good shot at being on ‘Banshee.'”

Littlestone and Hood battle in “The Warrior Class,” airing at 9 p.m. Jan. 24 on Cinemax, when the sheriff attempts to question Littlestone’s friend in connection with the murder a girl from the tribe. As you can see in the video preview above, Starr once again gets tossed about in the epic fight.

Exec producer, writer and creator Jonathan Tropper didn’t sound too distressed about putting Starr in the line of fire when I spoke to him, telling me, “Some guys just look better bloody.”

Not that Starr is complaining about the stunt work. He actually enjoys getting the crap beat out of him.

“Yeah, look, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. I do quite enjoy them—weirdly and maybe in a slightly masochistic way,” he said. “What I love about them is not getting battered and bruised but I love the fact that the character goes in against all odds and sort of pits himself against ridiculous ogres of men. And it’s the spirit that triumphs in the end.”

Starr, who before “Banshee” had done mostly TV work in New Zealand, had never done much stunt work. He said the stunts are demanding but a challenge he enjoys. Part of the prep work for a season on “Banshee” includes a lot of physical training, he said, but nothing really prepares you for filming the fight scenes, which can take up to 25 hours to shoot.

“I mean, I’m not a huge guy. I’m about 180 pounds and I’m fighting guys that are like anywhere from 230 to 250. So it really is getting thrown around by big dudes and getting hit by them,” he said. “Even when it’s just play acting it does take its toll after a while. So it’s pretty brutal.”

Continue reading for the full interview at: Show Patrol

25th Jan 2014

Banshee: Chayton Littlestone Character Is ‘Like Two Giant Men In One!’

On tonight’s Banshee, we meet a fairly brutal sounding guy by the name of Chayton. In a recent discussion with Access Hollywood (which you can see the video of here), Antony talks all about the new guy in town.

‘Banshee’s’ Antony Starr: Chayton Littlestone Character Is ‘Like Two Giant Men In One!’
By Jolie Lash, 24th January 2014, Access Hollywood

Things are about to get very rough for Antony Starr’s Lucas Hood in the latest installment of “Banshee” Season 2.

In Episode 3, fans of the stylized drama will get their first taste of Chayton Littlestone, who is about to put Season 1’s infamous “The Albino” character, in perspective.

“He might look bigger than ‘The Albino,’ but the only reason he looks bigger is ’cause he is,” Antony laughed, when Access Hollywood asked him to describe Chayton (played by Geno Segers).

“He’s a giant,” the actor continued. “I spent most of Season 1 rolling round on the floor with giant men and he’s like two giant men in one.”

Continue reading at: Access Hollywood

15th Jan 2014

Yahoo NZ: Back to Banshee with Antony Starr

Yahoo New Zealand chats to Antony and takes a look at season 2 of Banshee.

Back to Banshee with Antony Starr
By Melenie Parkes, 13th January 2014, Yahoo New Zealand

Kiwi actor Antony Starr is back for season two of the violent and sexy thriller, ‘Banshee’. We talked to Antony about returning to the role and what’s in store for his enigmatic character, Lucas Hood.

For a former criminal to successfully pass himself off as a town sheriff seems like an outrageous and absurd con; something which actor Antony Starr, who plays such a character in ‘Banshee’, agrees in this age of technological connectedness.

“In the real world this sheriff, a criminal becoming a sheriff wouldn’t last five minutes.”

But ‘Banshee’, the big, beefy action thriller from executive producer Alan Ball (‘True Blood’) isn’t interested in depicting reality, but keeping you entertained, something that it does in spades and at a lightning pace.

“The show often drops us right into the middle of action, it doesn’t waste time with too many explanations. Being the nature of the show that it is, it has that comic book sort of feel to, that pulp kind of feel.”

Starr (‘Outrageous Fortune’) plays a paroled convict masquerading as Lucas Hood, the sheriff of the small town of Banshee. He assumes the new sheriff’s identity after he witnesses his murder in a bar brawl.

Hood’s assumption of the Lucas Hood persona (his real name has yet to be, and may never be, revealed) began as a means to an end, that end being reuniting with his former partner in crime and lover, Carrie Hopewell, now a respectable wife and mother (to a child Lucas unwittingly fathered 15 years ago).

Complicating matters is Carrie’s estranged father Rabbit who is out for revenge after being double-crossed by his daughter and Lucas.


15th Jan 2014

Interview Magazine: Cinemax’s Starr

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Brand new interview with Antony from Interview magazine.

Cinemax’s Starr
By Emma Brown, Interview magazine

Cinemax is reinventing itself, and at the heart of its original content is Banshee. Although only in its second season, Banshee is comfortable with its identity. The Cinemax show is purposefully brash and campy: the violence is bloody, the sex scenes are lusty, and a third of the characters are Amish. The willingness of Banshee to embrace these extremes is what makes it so enjoyable to watch.

If you didn’t catch the first season, the premise is as follows: upon his release from prison, a conman (played by Antony Starr) decides to track down his ex-girlfriend and partner in crime. He finds her living in small-town Pennsylvania with a new name (Carrie), respectable husband, and two teenage children (Max and Deva). In a less-than-wise attempt to get Carrie back, he assumes the identity of the new (and newly murdered) town sheriff, Lucas Hood. To raise the stakes, the town is controlled by a corrupt, formerly-Amish businessman and Carrie didn’t change her name to hide from Lucas—she’s hiding from her ever more corrupt father, known only as Rabbit.

Banshee is New Zealander actor Antony Starr’s first American television show. We spoke with Starr while he was visiting home before the premiere of the show’s second season.

EMMA BROWN: Your character ended Season One in a bit of a pickle. We learn that the real Sheriff Hood has a son who, presumably, might reveal Lucas’ secret.

ANTONY STARR: The season ends with the cage having been well and truly rattled. Effectively, at the end of the season, Lucas has committed suicide by switching himself out for Max. Then, he’s woken up and he’s conscious again and there’s a whole new set of problems to deal with, from the potential appearance of Young Master Hood to where does he go? Where do things lie when the dust has settled?

I think people who have already found the show will be pleased with what we serve up, and those that are new to the show in Season Two should hopefully respond to it. You refine what works and what doesn’t work so much in Season One. Then, you get to really work on deepening the characters and the overall premise—really making things work and play to their strengths.

BROWN: Were you greenlit for a second season before the first season aired?

STARR: It was very soon after. The network, Cinemax, they’re actually extremely supportive of the shows that are up and running and performing for them.


12th Jan 2014

Sunday Star Times – Culture: Revealing Roles

There’s an article with Antony in today’s edition of the Sunday Star Times. If you’re in New Zealand, make sure you grab a copy!

I have added the scans to the gallery. Access them by going to the gallery and clicking on the page previews for a popup of the larger scan.

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11th Jan 2014

Examiner.com: Interview with Antony for Season 2 of Banshee

Another interview with Antony for Banshee season 2, which has now begun!

An exclusive interview with Antony Starr for season two of ‘Banshee’
By Paulette Cohn, 10th January 2014, Examiner.com

Cinemax’s pulp drama “Banshee” returns for its ten-episode second season tonight, starring Antony Starr as an ex-con and master thief who has taken over the identity of Lucas Hood, a newly hired sheriff of Banshee, Pa., who is killed– but not by the man who assumes his identity.

Even though he represents law and order in the town of Banshee, Lucas continues his criminal activities. But his real reason for being in Banshee is the woman he loves [Carrie/Anna played by Ivana Milicevic] and his partner in crime — for who he spent 15 years in prison without ever revealing her identity.

When Lucas’ teenage daughter’s life is in jeopardy — she doesn’t know he is her dad — he puts his life on the line to rescue her. That puts his face on the news, where he is seen by Carrie’s father, a gangster who has been searching for the two for years — and now that he has found Lucas and Anna, he headed into Banshee with the resulting big shootout, which served as the Season 1 finale.

Examiner.com exclusively spoke to Starr about Lucas Hood and the second season of “Banshee.” Check out the interview below.

It was really nice how everyone came together at the end of Season 1 to rescue Lucas, despite all the problems with his methods of law enforcement. Can you talk a little bit about the relationships?

I think one of the fundamental themes running through the show is, basically, everyone wants to be a part of something. We all need to belong. Lucas gets out of prison and the only way to resume being human, as opposed to an animal, is to reconnect with the one person that’s loved him and been a safe place.

I think one of the great things about the way that the season ended, is that, he’s someone that’s felt extremely isolated and outside of any community. By the end of it, without even realizing it, although they have doubts about his methods, he’s grown on people to the extent that there is a loyalty in place, that they will come together. He’s part of a community without realizing it.

Lucas starts as someone who’s basically trying to get what’s his. It’s all very self-motivating, very selfish. By the end of it, he’s putting himself in harm’s way. So, there’s massive, internal growth in the character as well, through the series. I think that rings true. That sense of community is something that’s following through into Season 2, as well.

We’re deepening those relationships. I think it’s important that we maintain that because, at heart, I’ve never looked at this show as an action show. I see it as a drama with action on top. I think if you start looking at it in terms of an action show, then we’re going to lose a lot of the core relationships and characters that are really the engine of the show.


11th Jan 2014

TV Equals: Antony Starr Talks Banshee Season 2, Hood’s Real Name & More

More from Antony on the second season of Banshee. We’re just a little over 3 hours away from having the show back!

Antony Starr Talks Banshee Season 2, Hood’s Real Name & More
By Sandrine Sahakians, 10th January 2014, TV Equals

You might have come to know the talented Antony Starr as Lucas Hood in Cinemax’s Banshee, when the show premiered last year. And now the show and Starr are back for a second season, which is shaping out to be even more intense than the first one (you can read my review here).

I got a chance to interview Starr about the second season of Banshee and ask him about what is coming up for Hood, his relationship with Carrie and other characters on the show, what Hood’s real name is, the season 2 finale and much more.

Let’s talk about the mysterious Lucas Hood, or the person who took over identity of Lucas Hood. Do you know what his real name is?

Antony Starr: I don’t, no. The name is a secret and hopefully will remain a secret. I think it’s a little bit of a nod toward the no name stranger of old.

Do you want to know what it is?

Antony Starr: No, not as much as other people seem to. I think it becomes a point of fascination. I don’t really feel the need to know, and I love the fact that we don’t know that. I think it’s kind of cool to have a slightly mysterious background going on. I think it gives it an otherness, and as soon as we have a name, like John… I remember in ‘Sex in the City,’ I think Mr. Big became John in the end, and it was like, ‘Now he’s just John,’. Before he was Mr. Big and something of an enigmatic quality to it, and it just sort of evaporates with John. So I quite like it.

In terms of his past, how much do you know? Have you been told more than what we know or have seen?

Antony Starr: Yeah, we’ve been told more than what’s been shown and that will get revealed as the series progresses, but some of it has been made up as well, as the show deepened and we got different people involved and different ideas come up from everyone’s creative input. So the depth and breadth of the characters and their back stories is in a constant state of evolution and growth, but we did have a lot hitting in, like Jonathan [Tropper] had really fleshed these characters out pretty well. So we sort of latched on to what he provided, and then extended on it ourselves. It’s great. It’s a really collaborative process which is fantastic.


11th Jan 2014

Jan 9 – Banshee Season 2 Premiere in Charlotte

Last night, Banshee had it’s season 2 premiere in Charlotte (which a few lucky fans got to attend as well!) and I’ve added a few photos of Antony (and Ivana) to the gallery. As well, you can see a video which was on WBTV news in Charlotte and a few little snippets from the red carpet.

WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC

Quotes from the Red Carpet

Starr — sporting a softer appearance than his character, with slightly longer hair and a clean shave — shook hands with greeters despite a brace on his right that he was wearing as a result of a recent surgery. “I’ve had it about a month,” he said. “I wish I had a really good story for you, but unfortunately it’s just something that I’ve been meaning to get done and I finally had the time in between seasons.”


Both had predictably nice things to say about Charlotte and its hospitality, though Starr — who plays a tough guy’s tough guy on the series — did say something surprising about our area.

“You know what scares me about Charlotte? Snakes, in a nutshell,” he said. “All the disgusting animals that you have here, that I’m not used to because I’m from New Zealand, where we have nothing that hurts you. … The worst bite you’re gonna get there is a mosquito bite; it’s great. You can go and sleep out in the bush or out in the forest and not worry about it.

“I’d show you, but it’d take me too long to go through my phone — I’ve got a collection of snake shots, because I’m fascinated by them. Most of them are rat snakes and black snakes, so they’re harmless, but … we had someone clearing water moccasins (for a scene near Lake Norman) in Season 1. It’s quite surreal for me. Not in the best way.”

Read the entire article at: This Just In.

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11th Jan 2014

Access Hollywood: Antony Starr & Ivana Milicevic Preview Season 2 (Banshee)

It’s here! Banshee returns to TV in just a few hours! Who’s excited to have Lucas and the gang back again?

Let’s kick off proceedings with a new interview with Antony and Ivana from Access Hollywood!

Banshee: Antony Starr & Ivana Milicevic Preview Season 2
By Jolie Lash, 10th January 2014, Access Hollywood

Cinemax’s sexy, stylized, high-octane series “Banshee” is back for its second season tonight, and after its explosive end in 2013, Sheriff Lucas Hood is in a world of pain.

“He’s in a tight spot and Deputy Siobhan Kelly is there tending his wounds,” Ivana Milicevic (Ana/Carrie Hopewell on the show) told AccessHollywood.com of what’s going on with Lucas at the start of the new season, which picks up one week after he was rescued from Rabbit’s warehouse.

Once recovered, the revelation in Season 1 that Lucas fathered Ana/Carrie’s daughter – Dava – will continue to ground the Sheriff in the town of Banshee.

“Season 2 for Lucas is all about protection,” Antony Starr (who plays Lucas) told Access. “He’s now a father; Rabbit is not found, so we don’t know what’s going on with that and as long as that threat is there, he needs to protect the ones that he loves, so it’s a whole new world for Lucas when he becomes conscious again.”

Several new characters will join the series, including Agent Racine, who comes to town to look into the raucous created when the gang – the Banshee deputies, Sugar, Job and Ana/Carrie — saved Lucas.

Continue reading at Access Hollywood