12th Jun 2015

New Owner + Banshee Season 3 Stills Update

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Hi guys, I’m Jasper and I am the new owner of Antony Starr Online! Huge thanks to Bee for letting me take over! I hope to continue providing you all the latest news, photos, and more on Antony, including Banshee. I have updated the gallery with (mostly) HQ stills from the third season of Banshee. I’ll work on more updates, especially the screencaps, as soon as I can.

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8th Jun 2015

Another post about the future of Antony Starr Online

Hi guys!

I know the site has been very quiet of late, and I do thank everyone for their patience over the past few months. However, sadly due to time constraints I am going to have to step away from the site. But there is some great news! Antony Starr Online will continue with a new webmaster! So you can still tune in here for all the latest about Banshee and Antony’s career!

Like I said in an earlier post, it’s been a real pleasure to run this site over the past 3 years and to have met and chatted to all the Fanshees (and Outrageous Fortune fans!) out there. I would like to thank everyone (including Antony!) for their support of the site over the years that I havwe run it. I’m sure you will all love the new chapter that is about to begin here!


13th Dec 2014

Your Weekend: Antony Starr – Export Quality

The following article is from today’s (December 13th) edition of Your Weekend, which can be found in certain newspapers in New Zealand. If you have trouble reading the scans, you can read the full article at: Stuff.co.nz.

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20th Nov 2014

Banshee: Season 3 Trailer

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A brand new trailer has been released by Cinemax which features scenes from the third season of Banshee.

15th Nov 2014

Banshee: Season 2 DVD/Blu-Ray – US and UK Release Dates

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Probably the last of the major Banshee dates that you need to put in your calendar for the time being is the DVD/blu-ray release date for season 2.

If you’re in the US, that date is December 30th 2014. If you’re in the UK, that date is January 26th 2015.

EDIT: EzyDVD has a release date listed for Banshee S2 DVD in Australia. They say the DVD/Blu-ray will be available from January 14, 2015. Pre-order details are below.

Both the DVD and the blu-ray are currently available for pre-orders from:

 •    USA: Amazon (DVD / Blu-ray), HBO Store (DVD / Blu-ray)
 •    UK: Amazon UK (DVD / Blu-ray)
 •    Australia: EzyDVD (DVD / Blu-ray)

Extras on the DVD and Blu-ray are:

 •    Episode Recaps
 •    Banshee Origins
 •    Conversation Between Olek & the Albino
 •    Twitter Commentary With Cast and Crew
 •    Zoomed In: Episodes 1-4 & 6-8
 •    Deleted Scenes
 •    Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew

I haven’t been able to find release dates for other countries yet. Keep watching the sites of your favourite DVD retailer and hopefully they will have a date for you shortly.

15th Nov 2014

Banshee: Season 3 Poster

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In another “in case you missed it” post, Banshee’s season 3 poster has been released with some quite interesting imagery. Is it foreshadowing something major, or symbolic maybe? I guess we’ll find out when Banshee returns in 56 days!


14th Nov 2014

Banshee returns January 9, 2015!

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Let’s start with the biggest news of all! Banshee has it’s season 3 premiere date set!

Banshee will return on January 9, 2015 at 10pm on Cinemax

Of course, this date is for US viewers only. If you don’t live in the US, you will need to keep watch for news from the network that has been bringing you Banshee for the first 2 seasons. Hopefully the wait won’t be long at all.

12th Oct 2014

About the future of this site…

(updated: 13th November 2014)

Good news, Antony Starr Online will be staying just that… online! I’ll be catching up shortly with the recent news, etc that has been released while this site has been on it’s “hiatus” and then it will resume as normal. So once again you can keep up to date RIGHT HERE with the latest news on Antony’s career and of course Banshee!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to make this little announcement about the future of this site.

Due to time constraints, I am no longer able to run this site how I would like to. I firmly believe in giving 100% and if I’m not able to do that, then I don’t think it is fair to continue with the site. I think Antony and his fans only deserve the best, and unfortunately I can’t provide that anymore.

So therefore, this site will close. Due to my hosting, I can’t keep this site online, so in a few days time it will be deleted. I wanted to give everyone a heads up about the situation so that if there is anything you would like to save, then you can do so. I also didn’t want people coming here and suddenly finding the site gone without an explanation.

I would like to thank everyone (including Antony!) for their support of the site over the years it has been online. I really have appreciated the lovely words you have all said about Antony Starr Online.

It’s been a pleasure running this site and following Antony’s career (which of course, we’ll all still be following!). But sadly, this site has to come to an end (like all good things!).

Thanks again everyone, all the best and enjoy season 3 of Banshee in 2015!!


31st Jul 2014

Banshee at Comic Con: Antony discusses Season 3 with TV Equals

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Here’s another interview with Antony from Comic Con. This time he chats with TV Equals about Banshee’s third season which he describes with the word… “trauma”!

29th Jul 2014

Banshee at Comic Con: Entertainment Weekly Hideout Interview

While at the Entertainment Weekly Hideout, Antony, Ivana, Ulrich and Geno were interviewed. Here’s the video of the interview where you can find out what a Bronie is! I’ve also added some screencaps to the gallery.

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